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What others say about Ground Rules Vol. 1

Ground Rules: Vol 1. is the flatland BMX video of choice!  This ground breaking (pun intended) video features BMX flatland tricks that vary from easy (Bunny Hop, Boomerang, etc.) to intermediate and advanced tricks (Steamrollers, Time Machines, etc.).  This extensive flatland how-to video is fun to watch and easy to understand.  Each flatland BMX bike trick is broken down so that viewers can see all the necessary positioning and steps.

Matt Wilhelm’s easy-going and informative narrative is the voice of a comrade sharing the know.  On-screen drawings for all featured tricks point out flatland BMX bike trick secrets and balance points.  This DVD contains flatland notes, in action, and leaves no question unanswered.  Variations show how you can modify your own flatland BMX bike tricks and link tricks together.  It is easy to translate what’s on screen to your everyday flatland life.  Specs: 1 hour 53 minutes, NTSC region free DVD

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